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AT-Logo-visit-tucsonVisit Tucson!  It is a wonderful place to call home.  Here at TUCSON.ORG we want everybody in the World to know that.  In fact we want everyone in Tucson to help us spread the word.  

Our Directory is meant to grow.  Feel free to post a listing of your favorite places.  We need you to review the things you love so everyone will know what a good time in The Old Pueblo is all about.  Thanks for sharing.  This is your chance to really put what you think is best about the community forward for everyone to see.  scan the listings and review your favorite places.  Bring your favorite places the exposure they deserve.

visit tucson

Welcome to the family.

Bake Sale?   Car Show?  

We want to hear about it.   So post it to the Calendar.  

Favorite place?  Share it with us all.  Write a brief article, send some pictures. was designed for people who do things here to be able to promote what they like.  AT Community media (formerly Access Tucson) has built a foundation for the rest of us to work with.  Lets show the rest of the World what Tucson and Southern Arizona have to offer.  When friends come and visit Tucson– we want to make sure to show them a good time.  Let’s put our best foot forward.  Listings are free.  Just build one and send it off to us.  We’ll check it out and get it posted to the site.

Favorite Place to go?  Post a Listing to the site so we can check it out too.  Thanks!

Not-for-Profit organizations are welcome to post fundraising events.  

Clubs can invite people to events.

Bands are encouraged to let us know where we can hear you play.  

Is Friday night Dart night at the pub something you want to share?

Karaoke night ?    

Get it?  Got it.   Good!tucson-org-web-logo



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