Tucson is home to the U of A!



Agriculture, Astronomy, Business, Law, Medicine and more; Tucson is home to the U of A — Arizona’s original public college.  The Valentine State dedicated itself to educating residents in our Charter.  Since then our colleges have been a source of great pride, and economic opportunity.

The University of Arizona is home to world-class research and a rich educational tradition.  Wildcats are industrious, intellectual and competitive.  The school hosts an assortment of community events including: Tucson Festival of Books & The Spring Fling (the Nations Largest student run carnival).  Sports teams have brought home 21 National Championships since 1976.  More than 150 physicians in the University of Arizona College of Medicine are recognized on the Best Doctors in America® List for 2017-2018.  The Astronomy Department is a leading center of planetary exploration and stellar observation.  The U of A is working to find answers at Earthly observatories.  The College partnered with NASA  & JPL to explore Mars.  Biosphere II is the home to a multidisciplinary research team exploring a variety of complex environmental, population & energy research.  With fascinating lectures, educational outreach, and, community involvement The University of Arizona gives itself to the Tucson community.         

 Founded in 1885 Arizona’s first University is ranked as one of the top 20 public universities.   Three Nobel Prize winners, countless patents, The largest archive of photographic material in North America, Mars explorers Spirit and Opportunity, One triple Crown Champion; the diversity of opportunities offered to students is matched only by the fearlessness of the students themselves.  Visit one of the Museums, catch a show or see the game,  The Wildcats are welcoming and friendly.

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