Sabino Canyon: Outdoor Recreation Area

Catalina Mountain Sky Island

Get outdoors and live in the sunshine!  This is where family memories are made.  Hike the Canyon, connect to Mount Lemon, Visit Seven Falls; celebrate the wild places.  The Visitor Center offers many interesting facts about the canyon and the Coronado Forest.  Get the facts about all the Coronado Forest has to offer.  

Wear comfortable shoes, Bring water and a picnic lunch.  

Sabino Canyon is one of the most beautiful locations in the Tucson area to get outdoors.  Thanks to the natural concentration of water the canyon has many more plants and animals than much of the surrounding area.  Learn from the wildlife, they know a good place to hang out when they see one.    Archaeologists tell us that people have been visiting the canyon for as long as they have been living in the Tucson Valley.  Sabino Canyon became a tourist attraction in the late 18th Century when soldiers from nearby Fort Lowell began having picnics there.  

The stream can be quite dry at times since it is fed entirely by rainfall.  The canyon creek is drainage for much of the eastern side of the Catalina Mountains though so there is usually water somewhere in the canyon.  This Oasis is open 24/7 to hikers, (evening)biking and day visitors .  The friendly Shuttle Service provides access for visitors who would rather not walk miles into the higher canyon.  It also runs to the Bear Canyon trailhead.  The Forest Service Visitor Center provides many exhibits relating to the Catalina Mountains.  The canyon has restrooms, picnic tables and miles of trails for visitors.  Please be careful, plan you day and obey warnings regarding wildlife and fire.  Be careful to understand how heatstroke and dehydration affect people outdoors  in the warm climate.  Be safe, have fun with the family.  Explore the desert oasis that is Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.  You will have fun!

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