Mount Lemmon Arizona – Visit Sky Island

Practice safe recreation: Dress appropriately, wear good shoes, bring water-- and don't feed the animals!

mount lemon sky islandMount Lemmon Arizona: Visit Sky Island, Tucson’s summer getaway.  Hike, bike, explore the sky island environment.  Located in the Catalina Mountains, Mount Lemon has a variety of activities for visitors year round.  Beautiful scenic pull-offs along the Catalina Highway overlook Sabino canyon, the city below and other lovely vistas.  Hike the forests and valleys surrounding the Town of Summerhaven. Camping, andmount lemon sky island cabin rentals, restaurants and shopping year round.

 Cycling enthusiasts love this place.  In the winter Sun scorched natives can be found blankly staring in wonderment at, “all that white stuff”.  Imagine North America’s Southernmost ski resort– wait it’s called Ski Valley and it is on Mount Lemon.  Birding, hiking, camping or just relaxing in a beautiful place, when you come up the mountain you won’t be sorry. 

 During the winter months snow can restrict automotive travelers to tire-chain and 4-wheel drive only.  During the summer it is cooler on the mountain, but anyone planning outdoor activities should be prepared.  It is quite cool in the evenings and at night.  Wear sturdy shoes and dress appropriately for your activity.  WATER is always recommended.   mount lemon sky island

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