Edible Baja Magazine: All things local food

Guide to all things wonderful in the locally sourced food world here around the Old Pueblo. Edible Baja is the not-for-profit magazine dedicated to food.

Grow locally sourced food Local guide to the who, where, how, and when of the Baja Arizona food scene.   Here it is:  A not-for-profit food magazine dedicated to local source, fresh, hot off the presses, foodie fun. 

Yummy treats.  Where do you go, who is creating them, how do they get ingredients, when do we leave?  Find out reading Edible Baja.  Agriculture, food, drink and the local culture of Southern Arizona are detailed by the talented local writers who create this marvelous magazine six times annually.  Gardening tips, recipes, Food Trucks and stories that make you hungry for more local culture.  Lets explore our neighbors kitchen together.  Boiling over with things to do inside.  


Learn, eat, love tucson foodfind it online, subscribe, or, get it at your favorite hang out spot.  If you have a craving for food, fun and friendly folk- find out about them in Edible Baja Magazine.  Unesco City of Gastronomy, culturally diverse and filled with tasty spices Tucson has lots to offer your taste buds.  Chefs love us.  We have a Viticultural region South of the City, and, are within easy pouring distance to the wine region.   Tilt back a local brew, grab your favorite snack and join the fun.  


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