El Tour de Tucson 2017: Bicycle for charity this fall!

Bicycle for charity this Fall! Join the fun and be healthy in the Countries premier Fall bicycle event: El Tour de Tucson.

 El tour safety Tucson’s most popular fall bicycle event is the El Tour de Tucson.  The 104-mile main event will start and finish at the  Children’s Museum Tucson on Sixth Avenue, south of Broadway Boulevard downtown.  Tucson has consistently been improving life for bicyclists over the years.  our mild winter weather makes the Old Pueblo a great destination for outdoor fun in the fall.  

El Tour fall bicycle

El tour is one of the most popular and
well known fall events held in the City each year bringing many visitors and millions of dollars into the local economy.  All for a good cause since the El Tour raises money for charity.  

The race itself helps Tucson highlight the overall, “Bikability”, of the area.  The City has developed an  excellent bike-lane system, which includes more than 700 miles of paved bikeways.  Bike lanes, shared-use pathways, and residential bike routes,  make  it possible to travel practically anywhere in the city by bike.  The popular fall festival event helps Tucson promote itself as a tourist destination.   Many Magazines and publications have ranked Tucson highly for supporting the bicycle community:
#1 – Atlantic, overall city with the “Most Bikeable Neighborhoods” – May 2013
#1 – Outside’s “Top 10 Best Bike Towns” – May 2012
 Walk Score’s rankings place Tucson as the 9th Most Bikeable City in the U.S. – – May 2015
 Outside Magazine, August 2010:  “Tucson best road-biking city in the country”
 Bicycling Magazine, November 2010:  “The Best in Cycling in November. Ride with 9,000 friends, El Tour de Tucson”.

El Tour funThe Event was founded in 1983 with the goal that it would eventually be the largest charity bicycle event in the Country.  Held in the fall to capitalize on our wonderful weather the bicycle event has become a vehicle to educate people about healthy living and safe bicycle practices, as well as being a rolling fun festival.  It now earns more than $16 million dollars annually for charities.


America’s largest perimeter cycling event, for all ages and abilities. Choose from 104-, 75-, 55-, 40- or 25-mile routes in the main event, or 11-, 5- or 1/4-mile distances in either the Fun Ride or the Indoor El Tour (tally your minutes not your miles). Have fun, ride, stay safe and join the fun.

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