Bisbee Arizona

South of Tucson in Cochise County

Bisbee AZ is a most unexpected place.  The mines eat into the mountain with over 2000 miles of tunnels.  It is still an active mining site.  Today you can take a tour of The Copper Queen Mine.  It was certainly a wicked place when 20,000 people lived there. The workers earned little & the work was dangerous.  Eventually though, a genuine metropolis emerged:  Baseball, opera, high fashion;  Bisbee was one of the most productive mining areas in the United States for quite a while.  Then, it was basically over.  Today you will find around 5000 people living in one of Arizona’s most unusual places. Industrial Bisbee has become a tourist destination. 

A bustling mining town of the nineteenth century was reborn into the funky artist asylum of the 21st Century.  Bisbee has a thriving art scene including theater and music.  Painters, sculptors and jewelers haunt the shops streets and cafes.  Frequent public events like the Blues Festival and the Great Stair Climb bring a lively edge to the quiet mountain community separating it out from many small communities in the Southwest.  Bisbee AZ was carved out of a mountain to become the small town it is today.  But don’t expect it to be just like all the other towns, it is singularly unique.   

Bisbee is a community:  Wild, welcoming; filled with stories and ghosts.  “Remember Ellen, she drove into town in that VW bus in 1974.  It caught on fire up by the gymnasium & she never left”, is really something that you might hear in the park.  It is a beautiful natural area with lots of people & things to see.  Bisbee lives large, be a part of it–if only for a little while.    

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