Arizona Film Festival Guide: Tucson, heart of Arizona film!

TUCSON.ORG is compiling the essential online guide Arizona Film Festivals. Links, information and details about the States many Cinema adventures!

Here at TUCSON.ORG we take the past present & future of the Arizona film industry very seriously.  That’s why we built the Arizona Film Festivals Statewide Guide to Movies.  

Tucson is the Center of the Universe when it comes to Arizona Film.  “Hollywood in the Desert”, was actually Tucson’s nickname for many years.  Ask any aficionado of western film and television programs.  Chances are that whatever their favorite is, it has some connection to Tucson.  These include:

  • Old Tucson Studios was the home of more westerns per yard than anyplace else.  
  • Sabino Canyon had several films with scenes in it as well (including Tombstone).  
  • Let’s be serious here for a second, OK?  Oklahoma was filmed in the area.  Go visit the Locomotive used in that film Downtown at the Railroad Museum.

Tucson hosts a variety of film festivals during the year.  

TUCSON.ORG has built an online guide to the Arizona Film Festivals. You can find information about Tucson’s many fun film events by visiting that part of our site.  But remember that Tucson loves film!  In fact; We have several registered Not-for-profit theaters here in town that deal in independent, classic and documentary films.

This includes:

Arizona Film Festivals statewide guide to movies is here to help you.


Tucson is central to the history of film in Arizona.  But at– WE love the whole State!  So rather than just dig into Tucson’s  own, very substantial collection of Film Festivals;  we went all in.  

Get ready to road trip.

  •  Visit Tombstone where the Gunfight at the OK coral occurred.  
  • How about Rex Allen days in Wilcox?  
  • Did you Know that scenes television show the Young Riders was filmed outside of Patagonia?  These are all great day trips from Tucson.  

The Tucson Film office exists to bring Filmmakers together with the resources they need here in the the Southwest.  Arizona has a wide range of climate and scenery in close proximity to infrastructure needed to support production.   Tucson is headquarters to many independent film makers too.  If you have a mind to, check out a meeting of Independent Film Arizona IFA.  Every month this group gets together a lecture on some relevant topic related to producing documentary & independent media in todays market.

So now you know why Tucson is the Heart of Film in Arizona … 


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