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icon-outdoorsAT-Logo-orange-01Welcome to  The Community Directory for Southern Arizona.  Tucson has lots of places to visit & things to do, and you can find out about it here.  

We are an interactive site.  During the year we will feature events like the GEM SHOW so people can visit the site and find out about things around them.   We’ve got the Rodeo coming up too, so stay tuned.  

This site has a good amount of stuff in it right now.  It is hardly comprehensive though.  Our team is small;  and the Community is large.  We need  YOU to help us build a comprehensive Guide to the area.   You can review listings as well as create your own (We missed stuff).  Southern Arizona is a big friendly place and we need you to share.  

The Web site is so new the paint is still wet.  Feel free to let us know how we can make it better, we’ll try to figure something out.